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Heritage House Rental

Heritage House Rental | City of Freeport Historical Museum - Freeport,TX

The City of Freeport Historical Museum has recently undergone a dramatic transformation by revitalizing a historic building in downtown that...

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Historical Museum

Historical Museum | City of Freeport Historical Museum - Freeport,TX

Museums exist to preserve and protect the artifacts of the past, so that current and future societies may view memorabilia and learn...

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Children's Exhibits

Children's Exhibits | City of Freeport Historical Museum - Freeport,TX

The importance of playtime is understood at the Freeport Historical Museum, and we effortlessly combine playing and learning...

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Welcome to City of Freeport Historical Museum

Officially founded in 1912 with a population of only 300 people, Freeport eventually developed into the city we know today. With the motto "Where Fun Happens," this location on the Gulf of Mexico is one of the major seaports of the gulf.

Steeped in historical tradition and culture, the city opened its museum in 2009 in order to showcase the artifacts and memorabilia of the past.

Major draw cards to the museum are the Discovery Dome Planetarium - an interactive planetarium - the Children's Exhibit, the Antonelli's tribute and models of the Velasco Lighthouse, and the old swing bridge. Artifact collections include objects from World War I & II, DOW Magnesium, Maritime Collection, and Freeport local history.

Temporary Exhibits held at the Freeport Historical Museum:

• Bringing the War Home: World War II as seen through the Freeport Facts
• The American Presidents
• The Spirit of Texas
• The Birds of Freeport

Why visit a historical museum?

• To appreciate the past residents of a place, along with their contributions to society.
• To understand different eras and obtain a glimpse of our past.
• To develop or nurture an interest in a particular area of study.
• As a form of continued learning, through the method of informal education.
• To have a positive day out with family and friends.
• On school tours to add to the educational curriculum.
• To obtain information from a trustworthy source.
• To view artifacts and memorabilia in a prime, well-preserved condition.

The Interactive Planetarium at the City of Freeport Historical Museum provides a closer look into the depths of space. Browse through the displays and charts that detail the celestial bodies in our universe. Take this opportunity to learn interesting facts about planets and stars, such as gravity/mass, distance from the sun, size, and density.

Contact the City of Freeport Historical Museum at 979-233-0066 for further information.

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